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PRESS RELEASE: The Last Troubadour?

Steve Bonham and The Long Road - The Murmuring of Thieves - Press Release April 2016 - page 1Steve Bonham and The Long Road - The Murmuring of Thieves - Press Release April 2016 - page 2
The new album from Steve Bonham and The Long road, The Murmuring of Thieves, may be one of the most surprising albums of acoustic music released so far this year. Powerful, different yet echoing a long tradition, it seems to have arrived full of intent out of nowhere.
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“Steve earns the title of ‘Songsmith’ … a mixture of ideas and styles that any aspiring songwriter should hear.”

R2 Magazine


If you’ve not heard Steve Bonham before, you’re in for a real treat. If you like cajun, bluegrass, jazz, blues and folk, you’re going to love the Anglo-Americana music of Steve Bonham and the Long Road.

We play songs that make you think, with a beat that will make you dance. We want to entertain you and make you smile.

So what are you waiting for? Come and see us live, and you’ll discover what happens when you cross a tuba with a banjo.

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A Manifesto for Artisan Music !

Friday, 29 April 2016
Artisan blog20001

Artisan Music is a music from the stories and spirit of the exuberant, downtrodden, uprising, unfashionable genius of common folk

Artisan music shall be music played on instruments made of wood wire, gut, brass, steel, skin*

Artisan Music is a love affair with a moody, temperamental, giving and receiving, changeable magical partner pathetically called ‘an instrument’. (If it can’t go out of tune it isn’t Artisan!)

Artisan musicians work at it. It’s a kind of madness to find a truer voice.

Artisan Music manages to looks back and forward and stays present all at the same time!

*Thanks to my friend John Atkin, electric keyboards are allowed acknowledging that lugging a piano around is rarely desirable. I note though dragging around and playing  Hammond organ with its ridiculous massive revolving speakers and dusty sticky keys is what a surprising number of people do!

Steve Bonham 2016

Steve Bonham and the Long Road – booking us couldn’t be easier:


We’re a small band with a big sound. The perfect festival sound.

Book now for 2016.

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If you want to give your audience a memorable night, who you gonna call?

Steve Bonham!


We really like to play in pubs. We like the people and the atmosphere.

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Discover what you’ve been missing. Everything you wanted to know about the band and Anglo-Americana but were afraid to ask.


“He doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk.”

Roisin Ingles, Irish Times

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Steve Bonham

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