The perfect band for your pub

Why book an imitation when you can have the real thing?

There are countless tribute bands on the pub circuit, imitating everyone from ABBA to ZZ Top. They may look right and sound right, but they’ll always be an imitation.

And then there are the solo artists – most of them singing along to a pre-recorded backing track of someone else’s songs.

But wouldn’t it be nice to have a real band, one that plays all their own instruments and sings their own songs?

There’s only one Steve Bonham and the Long Road. No imitations, no miming and no backing tracks. Three musicians, eight instruments and featuring brilliant self-composed songs and classic tracks.


“…actually something of Ray Davies here too, via a jollied up, rhythmic and rocking Fairports… Has a wonderful lightness of touch.”

Bugbear Promotions


If you’re going to serve real ale, serve up some real music as well.

You won’t be disappointed.

Call Steve on 07711 788 248 and give your clientele a night to remember.


What you need to know:

What do you sound like? You can listen to us here…

Will you play stuff people know: Yes, we do play several familiar songs. We’ve been around a long time and know how to work an audience. So they’ll get a mix of songs they know and song’s they wish they’d heard before.

But they won’t know your own songs? Neither did these people. Here’s a video of us playing the Dublin Castle in London and they’re having a great time!

Can you provide your own PA? Yes! In fact, we prefer it. That way we know what all the buttons do.

How much room do you need? We require approximately 6m wide by 3m deep, but we can squeeze ourselves into all sorts of spaces!

Where does your music come from? It’s a mix of the various styles each of us has played over many years on the road. We’ve absorbed styles from both sides of the Atlantic and used the best bits to form our own unique sound.


What others are saying about us:

“Steve earns the title of ‘Songsmith’. He has a feel for melody and mood, and a knack for matching or contrasting words with the music… a mixture of ideas and styles that any aspiring songwriter should hear…”

R2 Magazine


“Steve Bonham is a story teller with a guitar and an artist who is truly passionate about his craft.”

 UK Folk Music


“He doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk.”

Roisin Ingles, Irish Times


“I predict that he’ll have a few songs nicked and crop up on albums by other artists…!”

Alan Marshall


“If his wandering, itinerant existence produces music like this latest album, then keep on globetrotting, Steve!”

Frank Chester, Folk Monthly


“Laconic, funny and intensely human.”

Robert Twigger, award winning author of Angry White Pyjamas


“This is, without doubt, fine writing from the pen of a true songsmith.”

UK Folk Music

Steve Bonham

Steve Bonham

Writer and musician

07711 788 248


© Steve Bonham 2016