Festivals: we’re reliable, professional and experienced

And cool. Don’t forget we’re cool…


“Steve earns the title of ‘Songsmith’. He has a feel for melody and mood, and a knack for matching or contrasting words with the music… a mixture of ideas and styles that any aspiring songwriter should hear…”

R2 Magazine


We love playing festivals and festival love having us play.

If you’re organising a festival, you’ll have more than enough to worry about without chasing after the bands. So rest assured, when we’re booked to play you won’t have to.

We know just what you’re up against so we’ll do exactly what you need us to do. We’ll be where you need us us to be, on time and ready to go.

We know how to work with sound engineers and we don’t have artistic temperaments.

We want what you want – a good festival where everything runs as smoothly as possible and everyone has a damned good time!

The only thing we can’t offer you is good weather. But this is England so we’ll bring our wellies.

So that’s us. We don’t bitch, we don’t moan, we just play music.

And bloody good music it is too. Three people, eight instruments to produce a larger than life sound.

And we can even bring along our tame percussionist and backing singer if you like. They’ve both been house-trained.

Here’s a sample or two of our sound…


What you need to know:

Can you fill a stage? The band can be from three people to five people, and we play eight instruments between us. This produces a large, full sound with a strong beat and harmonic complexity. And it sounds great too.
How much space do you need? We’ve fitted on to every stage we’ve played in the past, but as a rough idea we need 6m wide x 3m deep space.
How many channels/mics do you require? We’ll send through a full channel list to your sound guys before the gig, but as a rough guide: 2 vocal mics, 3 instrument mics, 3 DI instruments…
Why are you cool? A banjo and a tuba in the same song? Now that’s cool.


What others are saying about us:


“…actually something of Ray Davies here too, via a jollied up, rhythmic and rocking Fairports… Has a wonderful lightness of touch.”

Bugbear Promotions


“Steve Bonham is a story teller with a guitar and an artist who is truly passionate about his craft.”

 UK Folk Music


“He doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk.”

Roisin Ingles, Irish Times


“I predict that he’ll have a few songs nicked and crop up on albums by other artists…!”

Alan Marshall


“If his wandering, itinerant existence produces music like this latest album, then keep on globetrotting, Steve!”

Frank Chester, Folk Monthly


“Laconic, funny and intensely human.”

Robert Twigger, award winning author of Angry White Pyjamas


“This is, without doubt, fine writing from the pen of a true songsmith.”

UK Folk Music

Steve Bonham

Steve Bonham

Writer and musician


07711 788 248


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