Steady is ready to go! Download now!

Posted on: Sunday, 5 May 2013
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You can download Steady right now directly from or get it on iTunes if you prefer.

Through, you can get the download for free or pay whatever you like. If you get it through iTunes, you have to pay 59p for it. However you get hold of it, all the profits from sales of Steady will go to Ataxia UK.

Check out the Steady page too to see the brilliant music video for the track.

Steady is all about raising awareness and dosh for Ataxia UK. You can donate money directly through Steve’s JustGiving page.


Please spread the word – post on your own website, on Facebook, on Twitter, wherever you think people might read about it, download the track and spread the word about Ataxia UK and Steady.

Steve is launching Steady today at BAAFest in Bellingham, Northumberland and you’ll be able to hear Steady alongside plenty of other great tunes as Steve goes on his Get Your Boots On Tour 2013….



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